Lilith – John Collier

Art is another area that Lilith received prominence in, especially after the pre-Ralphite movement. The painting in question here is entitled Lilith and was done by John Collier. Like other paintings done of Lilith during the 19th century, namely the works of D.G. Rossetti, Lilith is portrayed as pale, blonde and beautiful. However, in this particular piece she is also nude, displaying her naked body with a snake tastefully wrapped around her body, covering her privates. The snake and the background suggests that this painting is set in the garden of Eden, but Lilith is the main focus. She is beautiful to be sure, but there is a sense of danger about her and she is a sensual and sexy woman. This a high contrast to D.G. Rossetti’s Lady Lilith painting where she is fully clothed and has am almost ethereal quality to her, sitting in her beauty and combing her hair.


Tink said...

Hi, Meg! My name is Dara. I'm a Religious Studies student at Skidmore and I'm working on a research paper on Lilith as it were, comparing Rosetti's painting to Collier's. I was wondering if you could recommend any sources on either that you found particularly helpful. Good luck with your project!

Regis said...

Hi Meg, I found your post as I was writing a paper I am presenting at an art conference in Istanbul on depictions of women with snakes and the demonization of women in the Bible. Very helpful!
I am in academia too in Cambridge, MA.

Regis de Silva